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Reward-based dog training in Chicago's Hyde Park and vicinity

We offer force-free, positive dog training to enhance your relationship with your dog. Our training methods are dog-friendly and effective: positive methods are the best choice to train your dog into a trusting and well-mannered companion. We offer a variety of training classes and services to suit your needs and budget.

"Trainers used to focus on exercises that were done in obedience competitions, such as sit, down, stay, heel, and come. Now trainers still teach those behaviors but have added things that make living with your dog much easier and make your dog happier as well such as teaching your dog to: calm down or settle down, greet people nicely instead of jumping, walk quietly past other dogs, even how to walk on a loose leash. Loose-leash walking is different from heeling, because your dog is not pulling you but is still able to sniff and enjoy the exciting outside world without annoying you." - Jane Masterson

Positive methods are very effective in helping you train your dog into a confident and well-behaved companion. Our teaching is influenced by Turid Rugaas, Sue Ailsby, Chris Bach and Ian Dunbar. We use lure-reward methods coupled with the use of an event marker - a click or the verbal marker "yes" - to achieve superior results. Whether you are training your first dog, need help modifying an undesirable behavior or are interested in canine sports, we have a variety of services and classes for you.

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