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DVDs and Video Clips




Clicker Puppy-Learn how to clicker train by watching children do it. The puppies in the video range in age from 7 weeks to 5 months. The techniques shown are easy and gentle enough for children and puppies and powerful enough for anyone and any age of dog.

The How of Bow Wow! Foundation Skills for All Dogs, Sherri Lippman and Virginia Broitman- youtube clip about the basics of clicker training features bits from all three of their DVDs

An Evening with Mary Ray (pal format so you have to watch it on your computer if you have a DVD player from North America)-freestyle and clicker training, nice demonstrations of "101 things to do with a box" which Mary calls freetime, Mary Ray's website, see video clip below of one of Mary's freestyle routines

Dogs and Storks (DVD)- Jen Shryock, link

Puppy prodigies sells a DVD which runs about 45 minutes and includes the some of the clips from their website and clips from Morgan Spector's Clicker Expo presentation. You can watch how service dogs are trained starting at 20 days old and ending at 7 months. For more info, send an email to puppyprodigies@aol.com. See the clips from their website, Link

Videoclips from Canis Sapiens Classes and Seminars

Click here to see Canis Sapiens videos on youtube

Click here to visit Canis Sapiens videos on this site

Videoclips from the Internet

skidboot (amazing cattle dog)

carolyn and rookie dancing (famous clip of canine freestyle to music from "Grease")

cat playing piano

talking dogs

talking cats

emily and henrietta (doxie dancing)

Judi & Bonnie and Sherman (woman with two dogs doing freestyle moves)

attila and fly in gladiator dog (man doing canine freestyle drama)

mary ray and foxie (top UK dog trainer doing freestyle)