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Wonderful video about talented cattledog, Skidboot - Link

Carolyn dancing with Rookie to "You're the one that I want" - Link

Learn about dog language on Turid Rugaas' site - Link

Download a video on "how to speak dog" - Link

Articles by Suzanne Clothier-Link

Dog whisperer/dog psychology questions - Link 1, Link 2

Homeschool your dog with Sue Ailsby's great training program - Link

Find a truly dog friendly trainer who doesn’t use intimidation or shock, choke or pinch collars on your dog. Warning: Choose your trainer carefully. Some positive trainers do things I don't like such as using citronella spray collars or recommending gentle leaders for practically every dog. Some shock collar (e-collar) trainers consider themselves positive trainers and advertise as such. - Link

Holistic vet site with common-sense answers to questions about feeding your pet, vaccinating your pet, illnesses and even cat litter box problems - Link

Read interview with Canis Sapiens instructor, Jane Masterson on Puplife.com - Link

Advice on lots of different training challenges and behavior problems - Link 1, Link 2, Link 3

Wolf Park is a wonderful place to learn about wolves about three hours from Chicago.  You can also adopt a wolf and go to dog/wolf seminars - Link  

Help I found a baby bird!
Complete instructions for emergency care of baby birds at starlingtalk.com - Link

Starlings in the Family
To learn about one person's adventure raising a baby starling, go read the story of Peanut -- his story is on the Squidoo website and is referred to as a "Squidoo Lens". Click here to read his story.

You can help Chicago Bird Collision Monitors save wild birds navigating through Chicago - Link
and learn how to make it less likely that a bird will fly into your windows - Link

Alex the grey parrot-Interview with Irene Pepperberg - Link

Torre Argentina helps wild cats in Rome through spaying, donating
food and healthcare.  They have a wonderful DVD about their program which has
great footage of cats and Rome.  You can also adopt a cat-at-a-distance - Link