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Outdoor Classes
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Socialization/Outdoor Manners Class and Tracking

OUTDOOR MANNERS This class meets outside and is designed for dogs that bark and lunge when they see other dogs and/or people and/or squirrels. Each dog will spend part of the time working with their person and another human class member and part of the time in their car. We will practice working at the distance where your dog can remain calm and then SLOWLY, each dog's progess willl be different, start to shorten the distance between the dog and the distracting object while continuing to have a dog that is calm. Various techniques will be used. This class
can also include work on coming when called and wait (dog learns to not
cross streets or rush out of doors or cars without permission).

TRACKING This class teaches dogs to follow a scent usually laid down by a human. At the beginning of the track, you let the dogs smell an item touched by the human they will be tracking. The dogs then follow the scent trail and give you a signal when they find an article (cloth, metal, leather and plastic) that has been dropped by the human who laid the track. You learn to read your dog so that you can encourage them to continue following the given scent instead of deciding that following a squirrel's track might be more fun. In beginning teams, the humans know where the track is, as you gain experience the humans do not know where the track is and so must learn to read and trust their dogs!