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In canine freestyle,a human-canine dance team uses traditional obedience, moves from dog sports, tricks and natural dog movements to highlight the dog's ability and the human-canine bond.

Here are some clips you can view that demonstrate freestyle:

Carolyn and Rookie dancing
Emily and Henrietta (doxie dancing)
Judi & Bonnie and Sherman
Attila and Fly in gladiator dog

Canine freestyle techniques can be used for:

*Exercising your dog indoors
*Holding demonstrations in nursing homes and schools
*Competing at Chicago Pet Expo in March 2010
*Competing in WCFO video competitions
*Building a closer relationship with your dog

Link to World Canine Freestyle Organization (WCFO) that contains:
competitor guidelines and judging rules
video competition hints and tips
wcfo bronze bar and bronze metal proficiency tests

Link to (MDSA) Musical Dog Sport Association’s freestyle film festival

Advertise your canine freestyle program with these pdf fliers. Use white sticker to insert your program's information on top of ours. If you cover up our logo, please insert "flier donated by www.canissapiens.com" Thanks. flier 1, flier 2 Illustrations by www.seekvisum.com, link

Class meets Wednesdays at 5:00, cost: $15 per sesssion

Click on picture to view Dancing Gallery