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Prerequisite: no prerequisite, puppies are welcome


This class teaches dogs to follow a scent usually laid down by a human. At the beginning of the track, you let the dogs smell an item touched by the human they will be tracking. The dogs then follow the scent trail and give you a signal when they find an article (cloth, metal, leather and plastic) that has been touched by the human who laid the track. You learn to read your dog so that you can encourage them to continue following the given scent instead of deciding that following a squirrel's track might be more fun. In beginning teams, the humans know where the track is, as you gain experience the humans do not know where the track is and so must learn to read and trust their dogs!

Articles about tracking:

discussion of the tracking ability of dogs, click here
what is so special about tracking?, [NOTE: We're sorry, the following link needs updating: click here]
article describing pet dectectives who help find lost pets, click here

tracking equipment, click here

Not ready for tracking but want to do some nose games with your dog?, try scent games by John Rice and Suzanne Clothier, click here

See video of humans (without dogs) tracking chocolate scent!
video of human sniffer dog in action, [NOTE: we're sorry, but the following link needs updating: click here]
humans can track at a rate of 2 inches per second, [NOTE: we're sorry, but the following link needs updating: click here]

See pictures, videos and judges' notes from the AKC national tracking invitational: click here for Saturday click here for Sunday

For links to dog sport organizations, click here

Instructor: Jane Masterson
Fee: $15 per session
8:00 am on Sunday (time changes seasonally)
call for outdoor location (meets as long as temperature is above 20 degrees and below 80 degrees and a thunderstorm is not occuring. Call 993 913 2030, extension 0 the morning of class if you aren't sure whether class is meeting)