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Dog Training For Kids

Children are always welcome in Canis Sapiens classes, however we also offer this special class for children and their dogs.   Before your child attends this class, you must bring your dog in so we can see how your dog acts around other dogs and people. This is not a class for dogs that rush at other dogs or people when they see them. Call or email for other class suggestions if you think your dog may currently be too wild for this class.

Positive dog training methods are perfect for kids because dogs are not pushed into position or punished physically. Pushing a dog into position or punishing them by jerking the leash or slapping/kicking them can be dangerous. We help the child learn how to make a dog want to cooperate. Our training does not reinforce the “if you don’t do what I want, I’ll make you” mentality, which if used, often makes the dog avoid the child. In our method, if the dog doesn’t do what is asked, the dog just doesn’t get the reward. This is how many animals who cannot be leashed, because of where they live (dolphins) or phyically punished because it endangers the trainer (bears and many other zoo animals), have been trained for years.

The first session of this 5 week class  is devoted to being safe around dogs. The middle three sections include training basic obedience skills using hand signals, learning some tricks and introducing the dogs to some equipment. The last session includes  a recital
and a “how to play safely with dogs” demonstration.

Instructor: Jane Masterson
Fee: $25, scholarships available
Saturday at 10 am
5 week session starts Janury 14 (no dogs at first session)
St Paul and the Redeemer

CLASS INCLUDES "How to be safe around dogs" talk and "How to play safely with your dog" demonstration. Class meets from 6:30-7:30. Students working on canine good citizen
test will stay a little later.

FREE "How to be safe around dogs" talks IN HYDE PARK ONLY (email for information about cost for talks given in other locations)

"How To Be Safe Around Dogs”
January 12 and June 9
St Paul and the Redeemer

The "How To Be Safe Around Dogs"/"Be A Tree" talk teaches children the steps to take before they interact with a dog and the best ways to pet a dog. It also teaches the “be a tree” posture which is used to encourage a dog to settle down or go away. Learn the subtle signals dogs use when they are uncomfortable. Most dogs give these signals before they growl or snap. Keep kids and dogs safe, adults can learn and watch for signs of anxiety in the dog and intervene if they see them.

"How To Play Safely With Your Dog”
March 10 and July 14
St Paul and the Redeemer

This talk reviews how to meet a dog safely, how to tell if your dog wants to play and what to do if an off leash dog approaches you.  We demonstrate basic obedience, games to play with your dog and tricks to teach your dog.  Finally we show some of the exercises from the canine good citizen test and give you a taste of the variety of dog sports.

For more information about safety around dogs, check out:, link
This site has a great DVD with children training their dogs called clicker puppy and a board game, Doggone Crazy! Family Board Game, that teaches children and their parents how to be safe around dogs, [NOTE: We're sorry, but the following link needs updating: link]

Got a dog, some kids and some stairs?
Try this training game, link
C+T and C/T both mean click and treat.

Brenda and Sissi, girl doing freestyle with her sheltie, [NOTE: We're sorry, but the following link needs updating: youtube link.]

dog training for kids ($25, scholarships available if needed)
dog training for teenagers and adults ($25, scholarships available if needed)

Follow this link to find out about scholarships

"Dog Training for Teenagers and Adults" includes the canine good citizen test.
NEXT 5 WEEK SESSION starts April 21

These programs are funded by Canis Sapiens and neighborhood sponsors including Custom Tailored Systems, link. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please contact us.