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Health & Training Tips

House Training Your Puppy
Ideally, a house training program should be implemented as soon as you bring your puppy home.  Preventing “accidents” from happening in the first place will speed up the housetraining process dramatically, as once the puppy relieves himself in one spot, that spot will forever smell like a puppy bathroom to him. Link to full article

Training Your Dog to Leave Distractions: Teaching The Walk-Away Game
The walk-away behavior teaches your dog to quickly turn away from a distraction. Practice this game as outlined below to teach your dog to leave an object/distraction on your verbal cue, with slight pressure on her collar and eventually your dog will walk away with only the verbal cue given. Link to full article

Crating see Equipment page

Lore Haug, DVM, Veterinary Behaviorist at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M University articles:
Dog terrified of vet visits? Here is advice on how to fix it, Link
Socialization in puppies, Link
Early training in puppies, [NOTE: We're sorry but the following link needs updating: Link

Advice on lots of different training challenges and behavior problems:
San Francisco SPCA Online Dog Behavior and Training Library - Link
openpaw.org - Link
Turid Rugaas’s site-Link

Sue Ailsby's training levels
This gives you a step-by-step guide to train your dog.
Mind To Mind Training Levels - Link

Training your dog to wait for permission before crossing the street
Thanks to Polly Matzinger!

Training levels yahoo group
Yahoo - Training Levels - [NOTE: We're sorry, but the following link needs updating: Link]

Training Levels Tracker- Justin and Heidi Streufert
Track your progress in the levels- [NOTE: We're sorry but the following link needs updating: Link]

Everyday training to avoid problem behaviors
Simple great plan for a good dog from Dog Scout website-Link

Dog Parks
Dog Parks: The Good The Bad And The Ugly - Link

Feeding dogs, cats and birds - recommendations by Dr. McGluggage
Feeding Dogs - Link
Feeding Cats - Link
Feeding Birds - Link

Flint River Ranch Food If you want to order Flint River Ranch food through Canis Sapiens, use this website - Link

Site with comparison of commonly fed dog foods and definitions of the listed ingredients If you want to know the difference between chicken byproduct meal (Iams ingredient)
and animal digest (Kibble and Bits ingredient) and why some people do not recommend peanut hulls (Science diet light), or to just compare the ingredients of your dog food with other foods, check out this site

Training Treats see Equipment page
Canine Enrichment by Lore Haug (DVM), Keep your dog busy while you work, Link Link

Vaccination information for dogs, cats and birds by Dr. McGluggage
Vaccine Protocol - Link

Litter box training problems in cats by Rhea Dodd
Litter Box Problem Action Plan - Link