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Private Instruction


People often take private lessons so that they can have sessions
in their own home or work on outdoor behavior in their own
neighborhood. Private sessions can be arranged when it is convenient for you.
Our service area includes everyone within a half hour drive
of Hyde Park.

In private sessions your dog can work on:
learning basic obedience
walking on a loose leash instead of pulling
greeting visitors politely in the home
walking past other dogs calmly
learning new behaviors to replace attention seeking
behaviors like barking, pawing and nipping
being calm instead of anxious or fearful

We strongly recommend puppy kindergarten class for puppies - Link
because this class will allow your puppy to meet and interact
with a variety of other people and dogs, explore a variety
of equipment and begin basic obedience. We also discuss
topics like housetraining (see Health & Training Tips), and
nipping. and calming down in this class.

Email or call to discuss:
phone consultations
long distance training using youtube, webcam, or Skype.

Instructor: Jane Masterson
1 hour private lesson - $75
4 hour private package - $276 ($69 per session)
2.5 hour private lesson to be used in up to 4 lessons - $185