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Class Registration Form

You can now Register for classes by clicking on the following link:


Cut and paste into an email that you send to info@canissapiens.com. You can also use the pdf version below if you have set your computer’s default email program to the email program you actually use.

Dog’s name
Date of birth if known
Dog’s Anniversary (date when your dog joined your household)
Breed (best guess if mixed breed)
Male or female
How did you hear about us?

What class would you like to take?

1. Group classes are designed for dogs without major behavior issues. Not all dogs will benefit from a group class environment. If, at any point, we deem your dog disruptive or unsafe, we may ask that you withdraw from group classes. We will offer you a pro-rated refund and make more appropriate recommendations.
2. There are no refunds after the first day of class, except as noted above.
3. Canis Sapiens DogTraining LLC is not liable for loss or injury to or by your dog. You are responsible for keeping your dog under control and/or on leash at all times.
4. There will be no make-ups for missed classes if you are taking a class with a start and finish date. In case of occasional cancellation, you will be notified and a make-up will be scheduled. Rain dates will be available for outdoor classes.
5. Private sessions require a 24-hour cancellation notice, without it, you are responsible for the full class fee.
6. Please pick up after your dog on class grounds.
7. Please bring vaccination records to first class or ask your veterinarian to fax it to us at (773) 913-2030.
Check here or type “I agree” to indicate you have read and agreed to Terms and Conditions.
8. Payment method:
A. Credit Card. Call the office during morning hours (773 913 2030) and punch #3 (talk to someone right away)
B. Paypal. Send payment to jane@canissapiens.com
C. Check. As long as the class is not full you can bring your check with you on the first day of class. To make sure your spot is reserved please pay by credit card or paypal.

Thank you! We will send you an e-mail confirmation shortly. Contact us if you don't receive an e-mail confirmation within 24 hours.